Flat Head Syndrome

Positional Plagiocephaly


Flat Head Syndrome

Flat Head Syndrome is known in medical circles as Positional Plagiocephaly (distortion of the side of the head). It is also referred to as Brachycephaly (distortion of the back of the head).

Flat Head Syndrome is the misshaping of a baby’s head due to the effect of the weight of the head pressing against a flat surface or mattress. This can cause the developing skull bones of a baby to deform. It effects nearly half of the babies born in the UK and whilst it is generally mild, it can become severe.

The good news is that it can be easily avoided through some simple precautions. It can also be treated, if caught early enough, through the use of a specially designed mattress, or the much more expensive baby helmets.

This website gives you more information about flat head syndrome and how you can prevent flat head syndrome. It also provides some information on various flat head syndrome treatments and some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Finally, we have put in some links to other websites which have useful information and products related to Flat Head Syndrome, including the SleepCurve Baby Mattress.

Philip Owen, Inventor of the SleepCurve Baby Mattress

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