Effective Treatment of Flat Head Syndrome

I first saw baby Martha when she was just over 4 months old. Her parents were concerned about the extent of her reflux and vomiting after every feed. Martha also had some sleep problems – she would only sleep for an hour or so before waking and crying.

On examination, I noticed that Martha had a preferred side to which she would rotate her head. Thus she was sleeping with her head rotated to the left. As a consequence a moderate degree of head flattening had developed (Flat head Symndrome), which was making it even more difficult for Martha to rotate her head in the opposite direction. 

Martha’s treatment consisted of gently releasing the tension which was pulling her head into the direction of rotation. In addition, Martha's parents were also advised to place her on a SleepCurve mattress not only at night, but during the day when she was under the play-gym. I also advised that time spent in or on any other flat surface, for example a bouncy chair or car seat, would need to be limited. In this way, the pressure on the skull would be relieved, the head would be allowed in time to return to its normal shape and Martha would be able to turn her head freely. The slight incline in the mattress would further relieve the symptoms of reflux.

The results we fairly spectacular and her parents reported a significant correction in her head shape within 3 months and kindly send me these photos. (One before treatment and one 3 months after treatment)

Baby Martha at 4 months old, showing an obvious flattening of the head; then one month leter after treatment and having slept on a SleepCurve mattress.  Mum, Laura is delighted!

Flat Head Baby  Baby After 3 Weeks