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Sometimes headshape will improve slowly over months and years or becomes less noticeable with hair growth. Therefore the advice parents receive is often to leave things alone. However, the condition often continues to get worse for reasons outlined below and the head shape remains distorted from babyhood into childhood and beyond.
The golden rule is that the earlier detection, the earlier something can be done to initiate self-correction. Self-correction (or allowing the bones to slowly reshape themselves back towards normal) can only be achieved if the gravitational pressure is removed. Gravity forces the baby’s head to rotate back onto the flat surface making the condition worse. Self correction can be achieved with helmet therapy or by using an ergonomically shaped mattress during both day and night and by avoiding putting baby on flat surfaces.
Baby helmets can be worn throughout the day and provide very good results in the reduction of the distortion in a babies skull. However, they are pretty expensive (around £1000 plus). The only mattress that has been clinically trialed is the SleepCurve mattress. The trials were done at Alder Hey's Children's NHS Trust and were shown to deliver very similar results to baby helmets. The mattresses have two significant benefits - they are available from around £70; and they are not so obtrusive/uncomfortable for your baby.